You have a watchful eye with Hammer & Anvil.

20th January 2015
hammer for mac screenshot

Theres lots to like about Hammer and Anvil. It's a great update & automation tool, allowing you to write SCSS that writes itself to the build folder stylesheet without having to compile elsewhere, also the browser will refresh and display your changes from the watched folder, streamlining the whole process so you don't have to hit refresh everytime. I know this is not a new feature - but when they package it all into one and it works as efficiently as hammer does - you have to respect this piece of software.

Hammer has framework builds you can add to your projects if your need is to build fast. From barebones, Bootstraps to Skeletons and boilerplates they really jumpstart your project. Just always be cautious of the weight and bloat that these easy steps make.

It also uses succinct tracking, a php include approach (​<​!-​-​@​reload​​-​-​>​) to files and the ability to compile _scss within itself makes it incredibly powerful.

Cautionary tale: I have managed to break hammer. By having a failed build folder and not keeping a check of where it once resided, Hammer would start up and then nothing. Fix: Put every project folder in the trash (not deleting) and restart Hammer and voila, you're back in. From here you can delete the offending project and move on.

I hope you find it as useful as I have in moving projects forward and returning after time has lapsed.

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